Super Jumbo CALIFORNIA Home Loans

California Super Jumbo Loans From $500,000 to $10 million are our specialty.

* 10% down super-jumbo loans to $1.0 million
* 15% down super-jumbo loans to $1.7 million
* Special program for MD / Dentist / CPA / Attorneys

Super jumbo bank loan financing for California residential homes up to $10 million dollars, or private money up to $5.0 million dollars. We have many loan options to choose from, depending on your needs.1

  • Low-Down Payment / High Loan-to-Value Jumbo Loans are our specialty — we offer jumbo and super jumbo loans with lower down payment / equity requirements than most banks
  • Interest-only and amortized jumbo ARM loans to $10 Million.
  • Super jumbo financing available on second homes, investment property, and vacation homes
  • Jumbo Investment Property loans with interest-only payments
  • Hard money super jumbo loans to $5.0M available — CA only
  • Foreign National and Ex-Patriat Jumbo Loans
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Maximum Leverage — Our Specialty

* 10% down super-jumbo loans to $1.0 million
* 15% down super-jumbo loans to $1.7 million
* Special program for MD / Dentist / CPA / Attorneys

A "Super Jumbo" loan is any loan greater than the Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac conforming jumbo loan limit by county. "High Cost" counties in California have Fannie Mae limits of $625,500. For 2014 the FHA jumbo loan limit in high-cost counties has been reduced to match the Fannie Mae high-cost limit of $625,500.

We specialize in loans that exceed the Fannie Mae / FHA loan limits by county, making those "super jumbo loans".

Our super jumbo loan products are well suited for those seeking a lower down payment, or who have less equity to refinance a current super jumbo loan. We offer Super Jumbo loan programs as described below. Occupancy, credit scores, profession, loan amount, and other considerations apply to every transaction. Call or inquire online for more information on any program below. Please take a moment to review the following options before inquiring.


We offer TWO jumbo loan options with 5% down payment for home purchase financing:

FHA Jumbo Loans -- 3.50% down payment with mortgage insurance, loans up to $625,500, minimum FICO score of 620. We are a direct FHA lender and offer fast turnaround time on purchases and low FHA jumbo loan rates.

"Cal-Select Program" -- 5% down payment up to $1.0 million loan amount if you are a practicing MD, Dentist, Attorney, or CPA in California. This is a unique offering for these professions. One loan, no monthly mortgage insurance, no reserves, and credit scores as low as 700.

  • Cal-Select Program -- available ONLY to practicing MD, Dentist, Attorney, or CPA in California.
    -- 5% down to $1.0 Million max loan amount (sale price of $1,052,630) — purchases only
    -- Full income doc qualifying
    -- see 10% and 15% down options below for larger jumbo purchase price / loan amounts, or refinance transactions
    -- Call or inquire online for more info on this jumbo loan offering. 800-644-8829.


Four super jumbo loan options with 10% down payment are available depending on the selling price or value of the property and other considerations:

1) 10% down super jumbo loans with a combined 1st & 2nd loan structure from $420,000 - $1.0 million loan amounts (up to $1.111 million sales price / value). 10% down super jumbo loans can be "80-10-10" or based on Fannie Mae loan limits by county with the addition of a 2nd mortgage up to $500,000.

2) For loan amounts greater than $1.0 Million, we allow seller-carried or private party 2nd loans to go behind our 1st loan. This is the "80-10-10" program. We finance a 1st loan up to $1.10 million or 80% loan-to-value, the seller or another private party can carry a 2nd loan for 10% of the selling price, and you can put 10% down. This enables 10% down up to a selling price of $1.375 million. As an added benefit, the 1st and 2nd loans may both be "interest-only" loans.

3) If the selling price of the property is $1,389,000, our Cal-Select Program for practicing MD, Dentist, Attorney, and CPA professionals allows 10% down payment up to a maximum loan amount of $1,250,000. One loan, no monthly mortgage insurance, no reserves required, and a 700 minimum FICO. 1-unit property only, and this is a full income doc qualifying loan.


  • "The Cal-90s" -- We offer 4 super jumbo loan programs for home loans with 10% down or 10% equity for primary residences to allow you to purchase property up to $1.389 million dollars, depending on certain qualifying criteria.
  • All of our 10% down super jumbo loan programs are available in 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 ARMs, or 30 and 15-year fixed rate loans. Our combination 2nd loans that accompany our jumbo 1st loans are available as a home equity line of credit (HELOC) with interest-only payments, or a 15-year fixed-rate 2nd mortgage.
  • Call me at 1-800-644-8829 or inquire online.


These programs are popular for super jumbo loan amounts when the sales price or value of the subject property is between $1.099 million to $2.0 million dollars.

  • "80-5-15 Combo " — A 1st and 2nd combination loan that provides 85% financing up to $1,700,000 maximum loan amount ($2.0 million selling price / value). We provide both the 1st and 2nd loans. No other lender offers this much leverage at this dollar amount. The 1st loan is available in 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 ARM or a 30 or 15-year fixed. The 2nd loan is a variable-rate home equity line of credit with interest-only payments for 10 years and 20-year repayment thereafter. Certain conditions and restrictions apply to this exclusive offering. Call 800-644-8829 for more information or inquire online.
  • Cal-Select Program — available ONLY to practicing MD, Dentist, Attorney, or CPA. 15% down on purchases to a max loan amount of $1.50 million ($1,764,705 sale price). Primary residence only. One loan, no mortgage insurance required, minimum 700 FICO score.

When you want just one super jumbo loan with a reasonable down payment, call us! No one matches our leverage for super jumbo loans.

  • 20% down $500,000 - $1.0M -- Fixed and ARMs
  • 20% down $1.0M - $1.50M -- Fixed and ARMs
  • 20% down $1.51M - $2.0M - ARM only
  • 25% down $2.01M - $3.0M - ARM only (or 20% with 2nd)
  • 30% down $3.01M - $5.0M -- ARM only (or 20% with 2nd)
  • 35% down $5.01M - $10,0M -- ARM only (or 25% with 2nd)

Interest-Only ARM Loans, Lowest Rates
Lowest rates on Interest-Only ARM loans in 5, 7, and 10-year ARM terms. Interest-only super jumbo loans offer substantially lower monthly payments for 5, 7, or 10 years.

Other Jumbo Loan Features

(loan features are not cumulative)

  • Interest-only Option Payments -- manage your monthly cash flow with the option of paying interest-only or fully amortized installments on several of our products. We offer 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 ARMs with interest-only payments available throughout, and a free ARM-to-Fixed conversion option at the end of the initial interest-only term.
  • Investment property financing with Interest-only loan terms! This is a unique product -- very few lenders offer interest-only option payments on investment property, but we do. Maximize monthly rental income cash-flow and enjoy 5 - 15 year fixed rates during the interest-only term, with a free ARM-to-Fixed conversion option available.
  • Free ARM to Fixed Loan Conversion Option -- our super jumbo, interest-only 40-year ARMs can be converted at the end of their initial fixed-rate, interest-only term to a long-term, fixed rate for the remaining term of the note. There's no cost, no appraisal, and no re-qualifying required!
  • Property Title vested in a Trust, LLC, Corp, LP, LLP -- all are acceptable. You do not need to hold title in your personal name.You can have less than ideal scores, but no recent derogatory credit for conventional bank options.
  • No limit on number of financed properties -- if the subject property is your primary residence.
  • Asset based loan programs -- for those with cash flow issues, we can utilize market assets and publicly traded stock to qualify, coupled with very competitive jumbo loan terms. Available only on loan amounts over $500,000.
  • Hard Money jumbo loans. We have hard money financing for specific situations that just miss bank guidelines for high-end real estate in desireable California markets -- up to 80% Loan-to-Value. This type of loan is best utilized as temporary (gap) financing rather than a long-term solution due to the inherently higher interest rates. Conditions and restrictions apply depending on occupancy factor per Federal and CA-specific lending laws. Call for info.
  • Jumbo Loans to VISA Holders ("ex-patriats") and Foreign National Home Owners
    VISA holders: Up to 80% loan-to-Value financing to $1.50M

    FOREIGN NATIONALS: 60% loan-to-value up to $2.0M, 55% to $3.0M, or hard money lending. Call 800-644-8829 for more information on our VISA and Foreign National jumbo loan programs.
"You guys really came through for me on my loan. It's not often that you see someone with integrity in this business, and someone who cares about the details like you did. Thank you for a job well done."
~ Keith W., Sierra Madre, California

Sorry, but we do NOT offer jumbo loans on residential property located outside of California.

For inquiries regarding super jumbo mortgage loans in California please call me direct: 1-800-644-8829 or inquire online.

  1. Loan programs and amounts, percentage of loan-to-value, rates, terms and qualifications vary. Restrictions and conditions apply -- call for more information.
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