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Luxury Home Photography Makes ALL The Difference

Posted November 21st, 2011 in Real Estate Insights

What is the one facet of luxury real estate sales that’s the most undervalued in today’s market?


Want to improve your odds of selling your luxury home in California sooner, and for top dollar? Whether you are a high-end Realtor or a property owner, read on….

The proper presentation of a luxury home starts with high-end architectural photography, done by a true professional real estate photographer like Mike Kelley.

Even with digital post-processing software and the emergence of HDR photography software for the masses, it’s astounding how many consumer “point-n-shoot” photos there are of homes ranging from $1 million to $10 million on the MLS and online.

Sellers of luxury real estate in Los Angeles and California would be better served by demanding that your listing agent employ a recognized real estate photographer when it comes to presenting your home for online and print marketing. Many listing agents of luxury homes will simply not pick up the tab for exceptional photography, but there are those that do and understand that top-quality marketing produces best results. Even if your agent isn’t willing to spring for the cost of what will arguably attract the highest “eye count”, you should, or the cost should be divided.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Kelley recently, and he’s shared his insights with me and the photography community on some of his technique and vision. Make no mistake — Mike Kelley’s work isn’t what you’ll get from the majority of so-called “real estate” photographers– Mike will photograph your estate home, coastal property, or ranch in it’s ideal state. Mike’s unique perspective, technique, and post-processing prowess encompass the entire scope of the allure of the home, with it’s subtle nuances and contrasts in a way that “draws the viewer in”. This is critical — there’s a measurable difference between a pretty picture of a high-end home and one that GRABS your attention and sits you down in the warmth of the inner and outer spaces as the owner of that property.

Colors and contrasts, light, the placement of sun in the sky, the time of day, and so many contributing factors play into the types of successful images Mike Kelley creates. His photographic technique is becoming known and admired in architectural photography circles nationwide. Mike also specializes in commercial real estate photography, such as hotels, resorts, malls, and luxury auto dealers.

Mike offers all clients a complete, bound portfolio of the complete home photo shoot for posterity. Those who own luxury homes are very fond of them — the location, views, ammenities, improvements — all are documented for the owner/buyer/agent to retain indefinitely.

Mike has several exciting examples of Before-and-After photos on his site, as well as short video clips of him in action.

Mike Kelley is based in Los Angeles and photographs commercial and high-end luxury property statewide and throughout the Western U.S.

High-end photography. Unbeatable super jumbo financing. Mike and I are here to help the luxury home owner.

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