Purchase Money Loan Options

We specialize in California Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans from $418,000 to $10 million. We are both a Direct Lender and a broker since 1995 and serve home buyers statewide in California only.

A Variety of Home Purchase Loans For California Real Estate

  • Full Doc A-Credit Home Loans for well-qualified applicants
  • Interest-Only Home Loans for primary, second, and investment property
  • Stated Income Loans from $418,000 – $1.5 million for self-employed and white-collar professionals who have complex financials (YES-available in 2012) and meet minimum credit standards at modest Loan-to-Value percentages. Substantial equity required of 40% – 45% depending on loan amount and occupancy). This is institutional financing at market rates, not hard money.
  • Hard Money Loans for those with previous credit difficulties and substantial cash down payments (35% or more down payment required for private financing). More info on hard money loans.
  • FHA and Fannie Mae Jumbo Loan programs — we are a direct lender
  • Leveraged Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan programs are our specialty. Our programs allow you to put less money down on jumbo loan amounts at competitive rates, including Interest-Only options. More info.
  • Interest-Only ARM and Fixed Options are available and offer the flexibility of making amortized or interest-only monthly installments, maximizing your cash flow
  • Stated Income Jumbo Loans ARE available in 2012. No verification of income required for verifiably self-employed or white-collar W-2 persons. Loan-to-value is less than a full doc loan, and caps at $1.5 million. Excellent credit and asset reserves required.
  • FHA Jumbo Loans from $418,000 to $729,750 with 3.50% down payment and credit scores as low as 640
  • Our jumbo loan programs work for primary homes, second homes, vacation homes, and investment 1 – 4 units.
  • Programs with NO LIMIT on the number of properties financed.
  • Hard money loans available. Works for those with credit or debt ratio problems, provided substantial cash down or equity in the property is available. Self-employed, previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu are OK with hard money!
  • Title vested in a business entity — LLC, LLP, Corporations, and trusts are OK

“I just wanted to take time to thank you and your staff for all you have done for us… We really love the new home you funded for us. I want to thank you and Brittany and Wendy and whoever else was in on the effort. Thank you so much!!!”

~ John & Lissette C.,
Canyon Country, California

Getting a loan to buy a home doesn’t need to be difficult and stressful. The keys to a successful transaction are:

  • Being preapproved early on. Have all of your income, banking, and asset documentation ready when you apply. Having up-to-date documentation is the key to having your loan approved in a timely manner.
  • Being comfortable with your lender. Work only with someone you trust. Your loan officer should take the time to evaluate your circumstances, credit, budget, and answer any questions you have. You should be presented with the options you want and need.
  • Knowing what your total monthly payment will be, including principal and interest, property taxes, insurance, and any homeowner association fees. Equally important is knowing what your net ownership cost will be — that is, the adjusted monthly cost after your allowable deductions for interest and taxes are credited to you, divided by 12 months. Talk to your tax specialist before you buy!
  • Knowing what your total loan fees will be. A complete and honest accounting of the total cost to you is important, and required under the law.

I can provide you with a no-cost, no obligation quote for your home loan today — just call me, or fill out my online Inquiry form and I’ll match your qualifications and budget to a new jumbo California home loan that works for you!