We provide lot loans and land financing for the following:

  1. Metro / Urban / Suburban Residential Lots and Land intended for future Primary or Second / Vacation Home construction.  Bank financing for the purchase or refinancing of Residential or Agricultural zoned land / lot parcel for construction of a future primary or second/vacation home property.
    Focus: $75,000 – $2.0MM lot / land loan, net of down payment. Minimum contract price should be apx $100,000 or more. Scroll down for more info.
    Conditions and restrictions apply.
  2. “Rural” land loans or lot loans for future primary homesite: Financing for eligible rural land parcels and borrowers. Conditions and restrictions apply.
    Scroll down for more info.
    Focus: $75,000 – $1.10MM lot / land loan, net of down payment.
    Specific conditions and restrictions apply – call or email for more info.
  3. Agricultural – existing or potential farm income. We can finance one or more contiguous agricultural land parcels for purchase or refinancing.
    Focus: $250,000 – $1.50MM lot / land loan, net of down payment.
    Conditions and restrictions apply – see below.
  4. NO “Investment” / “lot next door” / “spec” construction lots / commercial / industrial or non-residential use or zonings: NO bank financing for thesehard money financing only (we are sometimes able to provide hard money land loans for non-bankable land purchase or refinance scenarios, but please note this is higher-cost, higher-rate, and shorter-term lending at significantly lower leverage compared to traditional bank loan programs. Better or more financially viable options may exist. Hard money land loans should be a last resort).

“Lot and Land loans are not offered by major banking institutions, and a “single-close” or “one-time-close” construction loan does NOT include the purchase of land (don’t be fooled by deceptive advertising)! While the process of qualifying is similar in some ways to a traditional home loan, there are additional considerations and qualifications unique to land lending. That’s where a land financing specialist is key to a successful, closed transaction.”

~ John Harambasic; Cal-Lending.com

Consumer – Residential Lot / Land Purchase or Refinance Loans

Yes – we are providing Land / Lot loans in 2023. Purchase or Refinancing for lot / land parcels intended for future construction of a primary or second / vacation home.


  • Minimum Land / Lot Loan: $75,000+  (generally parcels listed at $100,000+ preferred)
  • Maximum Residential Land / Lot Loan: $2.0 million
  • Parcel Size: For residential lots / land, buildable parcels up to 50.00 acres (additional conditions may apply for larger parcels). Call or email for specifics.
  • Minimum Down-Payment: Required down payment start at 20% on eligible lot / land parcels but may be higher depending on several factors. Call or email for parcel-specific down-payment requirements.
  • Credit Score / History:  700 is preferred, though we can accommodate credit scores as low as 680 with additional conditions. No recent bankruptcy or foreclosure. Call or email for more info.
  • Utilities (residential lots): Qualified land financing requires a BUILDABLE parcel. “Buildable” is generally defined as a lot suitable for future home construction, serviced by, OR able to be serviced by the following utilities (the land cannot be “off-grid”):
    Public Electricity
    Potable Water (municipal water source or private well)
    Viable Disposal (municipal sewer line or private septic system)
  • Existing Structures: case-by-case consideration and conditions / restrictions apply (e.g., no habitable structures allowed, etc). Call or email.
  • Traditional Income and Asset Qualifying: Historical tax returns, income statements, asset account statements, etc
  • ResidencyUS citizens with valid SSN and 2+ years filed US tax returns, green card holders. H-1B VISA holders – case-by-case; call or email.
  • NO “CASH-OUT” refinancing of lot / land (“rate / term” only). Call or email for residential land / lot refinancing requirements.
  • No “Investment” or “Lot Next Door” financing. Eligible lot / land must be intended for future primary or second / vacation home occupancy only.
  • AGRICULTURAL FARM land financing: Call or email for qualifying info
  • COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL / OTHER Zonings: Hard money financing only. Call or email for availability and qualifying info.

Don’t be fooled by deceptive advertising. A “single-close” or “one-time close” construction loan does not mean “one loan for land + construction + permanent financing”. It is only the construction and permanent financing aspect and in nearly all cases, you must first purchase / finance the land apart from a future construction loan.


Questions about lot or land financing:
call me direct at (661) 255-9824 (in California) or (800) 644-8829.