We provide lot / land financing for the following four types of property:

  1. Residential Lot / Land for Consumer — Bank financing for the purchase or refinancing of Residential or Agricultural zoned land / lot parcel for construction of a primary, second or investment property home in the future; up to two, adjacent parcels possible. Conditions and restrictions apply – see below. 
  2. Agricultural – existing or potential farm income. We can finance one or more contiguous agricultural parcels for purchase or refinancing. Minimum 10 acres AND $250,000 loan, max 70% loan-to-value. Conditions and restrictions apply – see below.
  3. Developer / Builder — LIMITED bridge / completion financing: ~ 50% LTV for experienced developers and spec home builders / commercial property.  Case-by-case for “blue top” bridge financing prior to sale or construction ONLY. Conditions and restrictions apply. Call or email for more info.
  4. Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Other Zonings: NO commercial bank financing for these property typesprivate financing only.

“Lot and Land loans are not offered by most major banking institutions. While the process of qualifying is similar in some ways to a traditional loan on improved property, there are additional considerations and qualifications unique to land lending. That’s where a land financing specialist is key to a successful, closed transaction.”

~ John Harambasic; Cal-Lending.com

Consumer – Residential Lot / Land Purchase or Refinance Loans

Yes – we are still providing Land / Lot loans in 2021. Multiple products available, but see the qualifications below before inquiring.

Purchase or Refinancing for residential-zoned lot / land parcel intended for future construction of a primary or second / vacation home.

RESIDENTIAL land / lot financing meeting the following criteria:

  • Minimum Land / Lot Price: $135,000 and up only.
  • Size: For residential-zoned lots / land, up to 40.00 acres (conditions apply for parcels 10.01 – 40.00 acres). Parcels larger than 20 acres are case-by-case. Call or email for specifics.
  • Minimum Down-Payment: 20% or more for land / lot purchase transactions, depending on several factors. Refinances require a minimum 30% equity to qualify. Call or email for parcel-specific down-payment / equity requirements.
  • Credit Score / History:  720 is preferred, though we can accommodate credit scores as low as 620 with increased down-payment and/or reserves. No recent bankruptcy or foreclosure. Call or email for more info.
  • Utilities: Financing requires availability of the following utilities at / in the street, or nearby in order to qualify:
    Public / city water (or private well report in some, but not all cases)
    — Public / city sewer (or percolation test report for private septic system)
  • Existing Improvements: Typically, NO affixed, existing improvements (buildings, animal facilities, manufactured homes, garages / sheds, etc) regardless of condition are allowed. To qualify for land financing, the subject lot / land should be “vacant” (sometimes called “raw” land). Existing homes, buildings, or structures affixed to the land must usually be demolished or removed prior to closing unless eligible for case-by-case exception. A construction loan may be the better option for land with existing structural improvements. Call or email with questions or concerns.
  • “Full Doc” Income and Asset Qualifying (traditional documentation is tax returns, income statements of W2, K-1, paystubs, bank and asset statements)
  • NO “CASH-OUT” refinancing of lot / land (“rate / term” only). Call or email for residential land / lot refinancing requirements.
  • No “Investment” or “Lot Next Door” financing. Eligible lot / land must be intended for future primary or second / vacation home construction.
  • “Full Doc” Income and Asset Qualifying (traditional documentation is tax returns, income statements of W2, K-1, paystubs, bank and asset statements)
  • AGRICULTURAL FARM land financing: Call or email for qualifying info
  • DEVELOPER / BUILDER Lot / Land Financing: Call or email for qualifying info
  • COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL / OTHER Zoning: No bank financing. 50% LTV, $100k minimum loan amount, higher rate/cost and short-term only (24 months or less). Call or email for qualifying info.


Questions about lot or land financing:
call me direct at (661) 255-9824 (in California) or (800) 644-8829.