Today’s Interest Rates

Many people call me to ask about today’s interest rates. Aside from the fact that interest rates on most home loans fluctuate daily (sometimes many times in one day), the simple truth is that everyone is different, and when it comes to getting a home loan there may be more compelling factors to consider than just whatever today’s interest rates are.

I’m interested in your personal qualifications, circumstances, and short and long-term financial goals when considering the right loan for you — not just any loan with the lowest advertised interest rate.

I provide my clients with easy to understand rate, term, and cost comparison reports to help you see in writing what the best loan options are for you.

Helping to simplify your loan on your behalf is only one of the many benefits I offer my clients. My personal attention to what’s most important to you means that you’ll have my experience in the mortgage business on your side to help you get the “Right Loan, Right Now” while still retaining your power of choice.

For fastest answers, just call me at 1 (800) 644-8829 or (661) 255-9824 in Santa Clarita, and I’ll help you to determine the best loan for you at no cost or obligation. Call or Inquire Online below and I’ll respond to discuss your needs.

John J. Harambasic
Your Trusted Mortgage Advisor
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