Testimonials from clients

  1. "I was very pleased with the 15 year loan John got me, not to mention the extra savings from paying off my debts. I highly recommend you and your company."
      ~ Kathy A., Valencia, California
  2. "Brad & I couldn't be happier with the service we've received from you and your staff. We've referred our friends, Dave & Kathy to him for their refinance, and he's doing my boss's home equity loan right now. I wouldn't refer just anyone, so I guess that tells the story."
      ~ Brad & Lisa B., Agua Dulce, California
  3. "John worked very hard throughout the loan process. He was very communicative. He made it happen."
      ~ Robert B., Bonita, California
  4. "I work for a mortgage lender myself, so when I talked to John about my special circumstances, he completely understood my needs and got me and my husband exactly the loan we needed and everything was kept confidential. That meant as much to me as getting the loan."
      ~ L & L B., Simi Valley, California
  5. "Thanks for helping me lift a ton of weight off my shoulders. You guys did a great job with my ex-husbands attorney. I'm debt free now, thanks to you."
      ~ Paula C., Valencia, California
  6. "John has done two very difficult loans for me now -- one on my apartment building and another on this recent investment property. The sellers we had to deal with for the purchases were very difficult and did nothing to make the process easy. John was always there, doing things in the background to make sure the transactions were closed. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a real advocate for obtaining a loan."
      ~ Teena C., Hawthorne, California
  7. "We were very impressed with low cost options John provided us on our loan. We weren't planning on living in this home for more than a few years, and his analysis showed us how we could save a few thousand dollars by paying a higher rate for that time but with lower fees. Showing us that in writing was something no one else had done, and it made the difference to us in choosing a lender."
      ~ Ron D., San Luis Obispo, California
  8. "All I can say is that John and Tawny really went to bat with the lender, and we ended up with the cash we wanted. I will use you guys again for my next refinance."
      ~ Frank D., Benicia, California
  9. "I was so frustrated when I met up with John. Other lenders seemed to have so many problems with qualifying me for a loan because it was so far out in the country. John got me the same kind of loan other people in town had. I already told my neighbors to call him if they need a good loan."
      ~ Michael E., Madera, California
  10. "John did such a great loan for me! I always thought I would end up renting that house from my mom and now I own it and I just love him for that!"
      ~ Barbara Lee R., Northridge, California
  11. "It was so nice to have someone to explain our options to us -- we had no idea how complicated this whole house-buying thing is. John made it clear and helped a lot."
      ~ Luana and Charles C., Castaic, California
  12. "I wasn't sure how the whole interest-only loan program worked, but John showed me how to reduce my monthly payments on my house and pay off my bills with the savings, and I appreciated that. I've already contacted some of these companies to let them know that I can start sending them some money to get caught up again."
      ~ Tom G., San Bernardino, California
  13. "We were at the end of the line when we found your company. In fact, I told Jill that it was probably a waste of time to call you guys after already being turned down so many times, but she talked to you and was convinced we could buy a home even without us working at the time. Sure enough, you did what you said you could do and we are now happy homeowners. We will be converting this loan to a better one once we're back working full time, and we will definitely use you for that one, too!"
      ~ Mark & Jill R., Vacaville, California
  14. "I Love John's website. They were prompt, very helpful, answered all of my questions, responded quickly, and went out of their way to drop necessary items off to me."
      ~ Tom & Ellen F., Saugus, California
  15. "I just wanted to take time to thank you and your staff for all you have done for us ... We really love the new home you funded for us. I want to thank you and Brittany and Wendy and whoever else was in on the effort. Thank you so much!!!"
      ~ John & Lissette C., Canyon Country, California
  16. "Thanks for all your help and advice during the loan process. We saved quite a bit monthly by obtaining the loan you recommended."
      ~ Paul & Edna F., Valencia, California
  17. "I was very leery of using a broker for the first time, and many of my friends wondered why I wasn't using …[name of local bank]. Well, I didn't want to tell them how I had been offered a deal from there that just didn't sound as good as I expected, so I started shopping around and found John on the Internet. He explained a lot of things to me and showed me some better loans than what the bank had so I went with him. The loan closed very fast with hardly any problems and I am happy to say that brokers aren't so bad after all."
      ~ Marie N., Sacramento, California
  18. "The loan closed so fast it caused some problems for the people buying my place, but they were cool about it. They said they wish they had used you for their loan. I'm glad Bill recommended you guys. Thanks."
      ~ Erick G., Arleta, California
  19. "Wonderful job on my investment property! Thanks for your skilled assistance, a great rate, and reasonable fees. I expected to pay much more than I did, given the circumstances."
      ~ Raphael B., Compton, California
  20. "I would tell anyone looking for a great second mortgage to call you first! Even with my credit being less then ideal, you still found a way to get me the money I needed for my business. Thank you again."
      ~ Ralph B., San Diego, California
  21. "As you know, I had a tax problem and the lenders I talked to couldn't help us buy a house until that was fixed. John was the only one that told me no problem and the next thing we were signing our papers. And the closing fees were even less than what he told us so that was even better!"
      ~ Lonnie & Evelyn D., Lake Elsinore, California
  22. "Thanks a lot for helping us with the loan. I know we asked a lot trying to get it closed faster, but you did a really good job."
      ~ Martin & Susan V., Larkspur, California
  23. "Very pleased with the company. Everything was done in a timely manner."
      ~ Dave & Kathy G., Canyon Country, California
  24. "Got a good rate and the service was good too. Thanks for your help."
      ~ Tony G., Chino Hills, California
  25. "John is a really cool guy to work with. Him and his credit repair girl, Lori, did everything -- and I mean everything, all of it, to help me and Cindy get this house. We really owe you guys a lot for helping us get a nice place before the prices went up. We may not have been able to buy something like this later."
      ~ Pete & Marie K., Walnut Grove, California
  26. "John was wonderful to work with during my messy divorce. Who'd have thought that the only person that could make sense of all our mess was a mortgage lender! Even my attorney couldn't believe what John was able to do for me. I would say that anyone who needs a loan while they are in process of divorcing should call you right away."
      ~ Teresa M., Palm Springs, California
  27. "This whole process had me stressed out, you know, trying to work full time and buy my first house and the issues with my dad and the money and everything. So John, he helped me, and Lee too, to buy this house and help me feel better about things. I already told some people at the airline to call him and Lee when they need a house, and they saw mine too and were happy for me."
      ~ Gamil M., Palmdale, California
  28. "You were the only lender we spoke to that would allow us to get cash from our home without owning it for at least a year. We were able to get our landscaping done with the new loan. Thank you so much for your help."
      ~ Brandon & Jennifer O., Folsom, California
  29. "The interest rate on our new 30-year loan was exceptional, and your service and assistance with the process were very, very good."
      ~ Miles & Kathie O., Agua Dulce, California
  30. "You really helped us out a lot -- showed us options, rates, and different aspects to the loan. You helped us consolidate a large debt load. Thank you for doing a great job."
      ~ Rick & Sandy O., Valencia, California
  31. "Thanks for a very good rate on our second mortgage. I was worried about refinancing my first mortgage, which is what the other lady said I needed to do, but you helped me get just what I wanted. And you were also very pleasurable on the telephone too."
      ~ Suzanne V., Fresno, California
  32. "The loan process was handled in a very timely manner. John is very structured and extremely organized. He was able to explain every silly question I had in great detail. John was the third lender we went to because we had bad credit -- the previous two lenders could not help us, and we were ready to give up. He even delivered our paperwork to us personally. Thank you again!! Send me more business cards!"
      ~ Cynthia R., Castaic, California
  33. "John is a great guy to work with because the home loan thing has always been a nightmare for us. We've used other lenders before, but John went out of his way for us, and we'll use him again when we're ready."
      ~ Rick & Marilyn R., Chino, California
  34. "We received a good interest rate and 90% financing for our new home here, and John and his staff did a good job at making things happen without a lot of hassles."
      ~ Gene & Myra S., Agua Dulce, California
  35. "John was absolutely the best lender we have ever worked with. Pete and I are overjoyed at our new lower payments every month now that our debts have been paid off. If I knew more people here I would be telling them to use you every chance I had."
      ~ Pete & Tricia S., Newhall, California
  36. "John got me the best deal available on my equity loans -- I would refer him to my friends and family for their loans as well."
      ~ Larry T., Valencia, California
  37. "We are so happy that you made this happen for us. You did such a great job getting us the financing we needed to buy our condo. No wonder Pia recommended you to us-we're glad she did."
      ~ Adam & Julie W., Newhall, California
  38. "You guys really came through for me on my loan. It's not often that you see someone with integrity in this business, and someone who cares about the details like you did. Thank you for a job well done."
      ~ Keith W., Sierra Madre, California
  39. "It's because you guys did such a good job on our first mortgage that we went with you again for our home equity line. Thanks for all you've done, and for bringing the papers to us at our home."
      ~ Jay & Michelle W., Santa Clarita, California
  40. "Your written comparison of our loan options was great! We had always believed that a no-fees loan was the best, but after you showed us the savings charts we changed our minds about that! Every loan broker should handle loans the way you do -- it would make the whole thing a lot easier.
      ~ Karie & Sam Z., Redding, California
  41. "You really smoothed things over with the other guy's agent. We weren't sure if they were going to accept our offer but you showed them that we were fully approved and that allowed us to buy the house. We appreciate what you've done for us."
      ~ Ken & Sally U., Grass Valley, California

Testimonials from Realtors

  1. "I use John for my client's financing whenever I can. He's honest, he cares about getting my clients the very best loan possible, he shows them options, and he gets the deals closed."
      ~ Patricia Collins, Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Vista Realty
    Valencia, California
  2. "I've used John and his staff for the past three years. He's reliable and does a good job. In fact, I've done fourteen loans of my own with him, my father-in-law has done at least a dozen loans with him as well, and that speaks for itself."
      ~ Derek McMurtry, Realtor/Builder
    Antelope Valley Homes
    Palmdale, California
  3. "John did a great job on several of my client's loans. He's a good lender to use."
      ~ Bill Morton, Realtor
    Fred Sands of Valencia
  4. "I enjoyed working with John on this deal, and I hope we can do more together in the future."
      ~ Lee Ross, Realtor
    Keller Williams
    Valencia, California
  5. "It was nice working with John on several deals. He took the time to understand what was important to me and showed my clients options."
      ~ Pia Soper, Realtor
    Realty Executives
    Valencia, California
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